Chris Collins Clinic Notes

A set of notes from the 2011 Duke Blue Devils Coaching Clinic. At the time, Collins was the associate head coach for Mike Krzyzewski’s team. This workout was aimed at guard skill development.

  • Individual player strength training:
    • Guards need core strength to help stay in a defensive stance.
    • Don’t want perimeter players to be too bulky.
  • Need to incorporate more teaching and telling before practice starts so you eliminate standing around during practice.
  • Ball-handling every day for guards.
  • Guards need to catch & face to see what’s in front of them. Most young guys catch & put it on the floor.
  • Keep drills fresh (minor changes from practice to practice) to keep players from getting bored.
  • Shorter workouts at higher intensity. No need to be in the gym for 5-6 hours.
  • Pick drills to keep as many guys moving as possible.
  • Without players to break down defenders, you need to have less pick & roll and more cutting and off-the-ball screening.
  • Rest in between drills comes in the form of free throws.
  • Anytime you catch & face and there’s an open low post, have your guards attack the basket (will force help defenders to leave their men).
  • Teach guards anytime the ball goes into the post, the perimeter players should be moving to make it difficult on the defense.

For the drills (along with FastModel diagrams) used in this workout, click here.


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