The VertiMax Effect

About a year and a half ago, our Bob Jones University Bruins men’s basketball program purchased a VertiMax V8 EX training system. I wasn’t too familiar with VertiMax products at the time. As a result, our V8 spent most of the first year collecting dust in a storage closet.

With a little prodding this past spring from my head coach, I started implementing several VertiMax drills into our weekly player development sessions. Now seven months in, the VertiMax has revolutionized the way we work with our athletes.

We trained in the past like many other teams, focusing primarily on strength training in the weight room. With the VertiMax, players have the ability to practice functional movements that lead to improved speed, power, and explosiveness. In just 3-4 weeks of using the VertiMax, we’ve had players add 1-2 inches on their vertical leap, decrease their 3/4 court sprint 0.10-0.30 seconds, and improve their lane agility times 0.10-0.35 seconds.

To give you a better idea of its effectiveness, here are two of our Bruins players who trained with the VertiMax this past summer:

Player 1 May 2016 September 2016
Vertical Leap 10’6″ 10’9”
Max Leap 10’10” 11’4”
3/4 Court Sprint 3.52 3.34
Lane Agility 9.8 9.76
Player 2 May 2016 September 2016
Vertical Leap 9’10” 10’2”
Max Leap 10’6″ 10’7”
3/4 Court Sprint 3.41 3.12
Lane Agility 9.18 9.07

Our philosophy during the offseason is for players to get bigger, stronger, and faster. So in addition to lifting weights 4-5 days per week, they train two times each week on the VertiMax. An example of one of those training days looks like this:

VertiMax Drill Sets x Reps
Lateral 3 Step Defensive Slides 3 x 5
Diagonal 3 Step Defensive Slides 3 x 5
Stationary 1 Leg Alternating Jump 3 x 5
Forward 1 Leg Alternating Jump 3 x 5
2 Foot Jump Up onto Box 3 x 5
2 Foot, 3 Box Bound (Land on Last Box) 3x
Ladders (Any pattern) 3x

Their workouts are pared back to two weightlifting sessions and one VertiMax session in both the preseason and in-season months. Functional movements (e.g., first step drills with the ball, rebounding while connected to the VertiMax, and lateral defensive slides) are introduced during preseason that will be used during play on the court. All in-season workouts then are designed with the goal of maintaining what the players worked so hard to gain in the summer. After all, we want to be at our best both in execution on the court as a team and physically as individuals when playoffs come!

The training possibilities are nearly endless with the VertiMax training systems. The players love the variety in your workouts, and the best part is that they feel and see the results, which makes them work even harder.

For more player development drills and information, connect with Coach Miller – BlogInstagramTwitter, or YouTube.


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