VertiMax Training: Vertical Jump

If you’ve followed my posts over the past three months, you’ve probably gathered that I’m sold on the VertiMax training system. I’ve actually bought in to the point that as of today, I’ve started my own personal VertiMax training (My surgically repaired ankle is killing me!).

After a discussion last week with a high school coach about what our athletes do during their workouts, I thought it may be helpful to post videos over the next 30 days showing the exact moves. Some of these movements, especially early on, will be your standard jumps, but I’ll also incorporate more advanced moves and some basketball-specific drills for your own team’s training.

This first drill is the standard vertical jump.

Introduction: Whether you’re a basketball player going for a rebound, a volleyball player jumping for a block, or a soccer player skying to win a header, the vertical leap is an explosive movement needed to gain an advantage.
Jump Mechanics: Begin with hip and knee flexion with reverse arm swing followed by hip and knee extension with simultaneous arm swing.
Load (i.e., where the straps are connected): 2 Waist, 2 Palm 
Perform: 3 sets of 10 reps


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