I recently took my annual trip to Duke University to work the first week of their summer basketball camps. During an afternoon session, their staff assistant, Mike Sotsky, did a short film breakdown, similar to the sessions the Duke coaching staff does with their players.

The play below was a set Coach K used after a timeout during last season’s Duke victory in Chapel Hill. This is just one of several potential options out of this 1-4 set up.


Diagram 1:
– 1 passes to 3 then cuts through to the weak side, while 4 pops out
– 5 ball screens for 3

Diagram 2:
– 3 comes of 5’s screen as 2 begins to move towards the basket
– 5 dives hard to the front of the rim
– 4 has the option of passing to 1 (if 1’s defender steps over to help on 5) or passing to 5 (if no one steps over to pick up 5 on the dive)

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