Basketball Training: Cardio Finishing

Even in the summer, I like to incorporate cardio throughout my workouts. This drill is designed to work on both cardio and finishing for big men.


  • Player 1 starts at free throw line. Player 2 stands underneath the basket with the basketball (we use a heavy ball).
  • Player 1 runs towards the basket. Player 2 passes the ball to player 1.
  • After each layup, Player 1 backpedals and repeat the action.  (5 times from the right elbow, 5 times from the middle of the lane, and 5 times from the left elbow)

The goal is for Player 1 to keep the basketball high and finish at or close to the rim. Make it a competition by seeing how many makes or how many dunks each player can complete.
You can also make the drill more difficult by having a coach create contact with pads around the basket.

(Please share these drills and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for drills each week.)


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