Battle ropes training is a great way to combine cardio and strength training into a single workout. We’ll often end a shoulder weightlifting session with ropes to target different areas of the shoulder muscles that aren’t typically hit during regular exercises. By adding a a Bosu ball, we can also build core and ankle strength in the same workout.

Check back tomorrow (Thursday) to see a video on how to perform each move.

Workout Instructions:BattleRope.jpg
*perform 20-30 reps or :30

  1. Superset (back-to-back): Double Waves +  Alternating Waves
  2. SS: Double Waves + Alternating Waves on Bosu Ball
  3. SS: Snakes + Lateral Raises
  4. SS: Snakes + Lateral Raises on Bosu Ball
  5. SS: Downhill Ski + Cross Country Ski
  6. SS: Downhill Ski + Cross Country Ski on Bosu Ball