Individual Workout: Resistance Band Workout

At the conclusion of the season, we  give guys a couple weeks to rest and recover. But after spring break, it’s time to get back into the gym! Our off-season philosophy is that our players get bigger, faster, and stronger, even through their on-the-court workouts.

A great way to incorporate strength training into these kinds of workouts is through the use of resistance bands. The great thing about these bands is that the band allows for consistent, controlled resistance throughout players’ movements, which effectively stimulates growth in targeted muscles.

The following is a workout from an early April, off-season workout. Scroll to the bottom of this page for a short video with demonstrations of each of the individual band drills.

1. Standing Hip Abduction

  • Player 1 sits on the ground, holding the band
  • Player 2 stands perpendicular to Player 1, placing the outside foot inside of the resistance band. Place the inside foot in-front of the band.
  • Extend the outside foot off the ground
  • Complete 3 sets of 10 reps with each foot

2. Lateral Ball Handling

  • Beginning on the baseline and with the band around his waist, Player 1 stands (with 2 basketballs) perpindicular to Player 2.
  • P2 holds the band while P1 assumes an athletic stance
  • P1 dribbles the basketballs to halfcourt then back (players can bounce the balls at the same time, alternate dribbles, etc.)


3. 3 Cone Drill

  • Place 3 cones at the top of the key
  • Player dribbles through the cones, using a change of direction dribble (crossover, between the legs, etc.) at each cone
  • Player jumpstops at the rim then explodes off two feet for the finish


4. Rip Through, Attack Drill

  • Player can be positioned anywhere on the perimeter
  • Coach passes to player
  • Player uses rip through or rip over then explodes to the basket
  • Get to the basket in 1 or 2 dribbles



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