Basketball Player Development: 3 Cone Dribbling

Especially when dribbling through traffic, it is important to “play low.” Younger players have a tendency to dribble high – waist level while standing erect. We often have to work on correcting this with our college players when they first arrive on campus.

One player example we give to our players is Chris Paul . Watch CP3 move around and through a Blake Griffin or Deandre Jordan high ball screen and you’ll notice just how low the All-Star PG moves with the ball (check out THIS video).

CP3 Dribbling

Key points:
1. Dribble low. Keep that ball thigh level or below. The lower the dribble, the faster it is to change direction and the harder it is for defenders to get their hands on the ball.
2. Play low. Stay bent at the knees and the waist. Doing so keeps your center of gravity low, allowing for quicker changes in direction.
3. Keep your eyes up. See the floor. Recognize help defense. Imagine seeing open teammates in the short corner, in the corner, etc.
4. Practice different finishing moves around the basket. Imagine help defenders moving into your way – avoid charges, shoot over big men, etc.
5. If using a resistance band, practice exploding off the floor when at the rim.


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