Basketball Player Development: Rip Through Series

In our program, players’ individual skills are primarily developed during one-on-one or small group workouts. Because of the time pressures placed on student-athletes, it’s important to get the most out of a limited amount of time. Each individual workout drill not only should develop multiple skills but should translate into the team’s overall offensive and defensive schemes.

 Rip Through

Purpose: To help players develop the skills needed to drive past initial defenders.

Key Points:
1. Begin in the triple threat position, squared to the basket.
2. Rip the ball strong and low below the defender’s reach. We teach the slide step, which we have found to be faster than the step-over. A long, explosive first step will assist the offensive player in getting past the defender.
3. Imagine yourself driving your inside shoulder past the defender’s hip. “The lowest player wins” is a common phrase in basketball. Being lower than your defender will help keep you on your driving line when you make contact with the defender’s body.
4. Be efficient in your footwork. Get to the basket in as few steps as possible.
5. Finish with either a layup, “freeze move” (e.g., Euro step), a floater, or a pull-up jump shot.

Question of the Day:
What is the most effective finishing move around the basket?


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