Coach. Teach. Lead.

Those who coach understand the importance of both instructional and leadership skills in the field of sports coaching. Most know the X’s and O’s, but the ability to communicate fundamental skills and tactics (i.e., teach) and inspire and motivate individuals (i.e., lead) is often what separates average coaches from great coaches.


  1. Coach: Coaches constantly have the big picture in mind. Set goals for your team. Define your own success. Develop your team’s culture. Everything you say or do has those goals in mind. There is a purpose for everything.
  1. Teach: Knowledge of the fundamental skills of your sport is a given. In order to be a good teacher, you must know how to communicate those skills in a way that all players understand, giving individuals a chance to experience success. For this, you must know your players. Are they auditory learners? visual learners? kinesthetic learners? YOU, the coach, are responsible for meeting a player’s learning needs. It is not the player’s job to adjust to you.
  1. Lead: Coaches give their teams a vision. You should equip individuals with the skills to meet certain objectives. Then, you must inspire, motivate, encourage and give your players hope to reach team goals.

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